What hardware engineers do?

There were times when a Hardware Engineer designed a product, built and debugged it, and then turned the whole thing over to a Software Engineer to develop the necessary software for it to operate.  Nowadays, a Hardware Engineer is most likely also an Embedded Engineer, and programs the basics himself / herself. Much like desktop software engineers, they write code to solve problems and implement systems. They often need to deal with new hardware/silicon, which can be buggy. Computer hardware engineers analyze complex equipment to determine the best way to improve it.

We dive from term to term really quickly, don’t we?  😀

So let me explain the differences of Hardware and Software engineer professions and the job they do, for those who are not really much familiar with this industry.

Hardware engineers

Hardware engineers have high-level responsibilities, such as recommending and overseeing the production and assembly of prototypes. Essentially they modify the hardware components, use complex problem-solving skills to improve models. For example Computer Hardware Engineers do hardware configuration of a computer, develop new designs in the existing components, such as microchips and circuit boards, and then integrate these components in a form fitting layout.
Hardware engineers are mostly graduated from Universities or colleges of Engineering, RF (radio, WiFi, cell), Computer Science or related fields.

Software engineers

Software engineers modify existing software to correct errors, to adapt it to new hardware or to upgrade interfaces and improve performance. They analyze and evaluate user needs and develop software solutions.

Sounds a little complicated right? 😀 Yes you caught what I meant 😛

So not formally said, they are personalities, who save our lives by reducing the time and quantity of operations we do every day. We all understand the life is difficult without automated machines, we can’t even live without computers and smart phones.

Nowadays, basically in Armenia, there are no many companies that do hardware engineering. Unfortunately in Armenia it is because of the lack of the devices and boards that are not produced here. We do believe, by expanding this field we also develop it.

So here comes the lighter part 🙂
Parz Logic is the company that will happily adopt Embedded Hardware Engineers (see the Jobs section) no matter they are graduated or not. The strong wish to learn is enough for us. Hurry up to apply 🙂

Some interesting Facts about Hardware Engineers (Did you know?)

  • In 2015, the medium annual salary of computer hardware engineers was $111,730
  • Almost 78,000 people worked in this occupation in 2014